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Monday, October 19, 2009

I Shouldn't Have Left You...Without a Dope Beat to Step to...

Ok. I have missed blogging. I am working on my comeback. Bare with me...

In the meantime....listen to one of my Favorite songs right now...

a-a-a-all we do is shop until we drop.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Twenty Why Oh

Happy Birthday to me =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


A banger indeed. 

"...she would probably leave, you alone, she would probably curse you out and un-plug her phone...so she wouldn't have to worry..."

Thursday, March 19, 2009


According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, actress Natasha Richardson died on March 18th 2009 due to injuries sustained in a ski-accident in Canada. Ms. Richardson has two sons and is married to actor Liam Neeson with whom she resides with in Millbrook, New York. I never knew her crib was down the street from mine. 

Remember Natasha from 'The Parent Trap' and 'Maid in Manhattan'? She was a really pretty actress with a cute accent. 

Much love and prayers go out to her family and friends. RIP Natasha. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Has Thou Redeemed Thyself?

I think this is a banger and she is fly.....for that.
What do you think?

Sounds Like a Love Song

Right before I go to bed, I wanted to leave you guys with a little something special. This is an absolutely beautiful love song [lol]. 

You might be more familiar with the sampled version--Song Cry; Jay-Z
...think of all the possibilites....sounds like a love song...

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Dream of Lovers Past...

This is my second favorite Dru Hill song behind 'I Love You'. Uhm. Can we talk about how amazing their harmonies are?? Can we talk about how Sisqo can sing his blonde butt off??? I really would love to see them get back together. I'd see them in concert and I'd bring my sisters because we all love Dru Hill. =)

The quality on the video is not too good but the audio is the most important anyways.
"...and we're losing it, right as we speak, and if we don't wake up its a memory-time gone pass the love that sailed away..."


I swear I am not an overnight fan but according to my sister, I am. Whatever. I remember Jimmy. I remember the wheelchair.

Aubrey Drake Graham is a cutie. =)

He also happens to be quite a witty rapper, lol. I don't usually like too many artists outside of the 2 ultimate entertainers previously mentioned plus Kanye and Keyshia, but Drake has definitely caught my ear and my attention. His new mixtape dropped to rave reviews. I wish him the best of luck. I hope he blows up. He runs with Young Money along with my boo Nicki Minaj and I actually had the opportunity to see him rap live this past January.

Google him. Blog about him. Check his Myspace. Jump on the bandwagon.

Personal favorite.

Queen of the Night?

According to Bossip.com (obsession, I know) baby girl Ri-Ri is slated to reprise Whitney's infamous role in 'The Bodyguard'. UHM. Ok. Is Rihanna the new Whitney?? Is Chris Brown the new Bobby Brown?? HA. I hope not.

Just stay away from the 'white stuff'. We don't need a new-age Whitney and Bobby...save the jokes.

AAANNDDD, before I forget, did anyone happen to catch the episode of 'The Oprah Show' featuring Tyra Banks on the subject of domestic violence?? They went in. I respect Oprah and her REAL journalism swag and Tyra is pretty but we all know that the catwalk and a daytime talk show are two completely different things. No diss boo boo.

Apparently Little Miss Sunshine herself caught the episode and wasn't really feeling the advice the two media moguls were giving. The show was pretty good and suprisingly no one bashed either Chris or Rihanna. I appreciate that.

If you didn't see it, go to the link below to Oprah's page.


Not everyone dropped him. =)

So I'm Gonna Cop....

I went shopping with my mommy this weekend and while in Macy's we came across the cutest flats. Now, I am not a Tommy Hilfiger fan, I think he used to be slightly racist. Whatever. Anyways, he has some cute yellow and plaid flats out this season and I'm going to cop.

Watch me.

Ok, Ok, So My Name is Stan...

FYI: 'Bionic B'-[that's what Jay called her], will be starting her North American leg of her 'I am Sasha Fierce Tour' in June. I cannot wait until concert tickets go on sale.

I made a VOW that I will always see Beyonce in concert everytime she tours. I always get my money's worth. Lol. Pepsi Arena, Madison Square, Izod Center...wherever she will be in the Tri-State area, I will be. =)

See you in June wifey.

Peep the 'ultimate entertainer' doing what she does best...

'Me, Myself & I': The Beyonce Experience.

The Last House on the Left

Over the weekend, I went to go see 'The Last House on the Left '. I am a big fan of horror movies and especially Wes Craven. He is a beast. If you don't know who he is, Google him, I'm sure he has either written or directed at least HALF of the horror movies released in theaters since the 70's.

I happened to like the movie. It wasn't the typical nudity, victims who don't fight back and non-sense killing of horny teens, so I was kept quite interested for the entire movie. The gruesome scenes, uhm, to say the least were done tastefully and the plot seemed well written and thought out, but what else do you expect from the Steven Spielberg of horror?

Go see it, you know, if you're into these sorts of things. Lol.

'Bey' is for Bad...

Look at wifey on the cover of Italian Vogue. =)

"I will NEVER retire."-Beyonce (Ebony Magazine;April 2009)


"I believe that he [Jay] is the ultimate artist and he believes that I am the ultimate artist."-Beyonce (Ebony Magazine;April 2009)

Hear that.

Caught Out There...

Word on the street, Bossip.com that is, is that Kelis and Nas are headed for divorce. I hope not. I like them as a couple. On top of that, I came across this picture of Kelis showing her baby bump. How cute.

Kelis is fly, but this shot is not a good look for her....neither is that bright red lipstick, but I digress.

Well, I hope all is good in the world of matrimony for the Jones'. I wouldn't want her to go all "I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!!" on him. Lol.

A flyer looking Kelis...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Ok, so today I was on Bossip.com(one of my favorite sites) and I was scrolling down and I saw an article about Keri Hilson. Now, I'll admit it, I like Keri Hilson. I think she is very pretty and her baby banger 'Turnin' Me On' ft. Lil Wayne is a cute song. Actually, Keri opened up on the 'I Am Music Tour' that I attended in January and Ms. Keri Baby did a good job performing. Hear that. 

HOWEVER, did you hear the remix to 'Turnin' Me On'???? IS SHE CRAZY??? 

Let me get this straight: you write a couple songs, you are in the 'Love in the Club' video with Usher, you tour with Lil Wayne and T-Pain and ALL OF A SUDDEN you are granted authority to speak on Beyonce Giselle Knowles???? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME KERI. BEYONCE IS A BEAST!!!! 

I was so shocked when I heard the remix that I actually had to replay Keri's part several times just to see if I heard correctly. 

Now, even though I can kind-of agree with her about Beyonce having kids and sitting down, but who are YOU to even say that in a disrespectful manner?? KERI, DONT LET ME SEE YOU IN THE STREET. Better yet, don't let Beyonce see you in the street. Lol.

I can't wait for a response from Queen B if she even decides to respond to this nonsense remix. 

Anyways...I am waiting for the 'I am Fierce' tour. I'm mad at you Keri and I was actually going to BUY your album...now I'll just download it. Hopefully you find time to redeem yourself before I just start ignoring you like I do other artist. 

I'm just saying, how DARE you, where do you get the NERVE and the AUDACITY to even come at Beyonce like that. You're done. How 'bout you marry the greatest billionaire rapper alive, be 1/3rd of the BEST SELLING GIRL GROUP OF ALL TIME (fact), drop multi-platinum albums, a clothing line, star in a slew of movies featuring A-list celebs, have multi-million dollar endorsements, have a banging body and voice and then you MIGHT have the green light to say that kind of crap. 

"50 million 'round the world and they said that I couldn't get it. I done got so sick and filthy with Benji's I can't spend..."-Beyonce.  

And as a matter of fact, I was going to post the song but nahh, you good. Go check it out for yourself... I don't want that stupid song on my page.